Refund terms

Refund terms:

Point 1.   We provide an opportunity to return funds for purchased products subject to the following conditions:

- In the case when the payment was received through our website, by direct purchase.

- In the event that the product was purchased with the creation of the AW Trading Software website licenses, which are created only with the direct purchase of the product.

- In the case when the payment was made without using bonus systems, or any other cases that reduce the cost of the product.

Point 2.   We do not provide refunds in the following situations:

- In cases where the purchase was made through a third party. If the counterparty was a third party, for example, the website, we do not regulate financial transactions and do not issue a refund.

- In cases where the product was purchased using bonus points, using promotional codes, discounts and promotions. In such cases, no refunds will be issued.

- In cases where the purchase was made through another site. That is, in any cases where there is a third party doing the sale.

Point 3.   Refunds can be made only if the conditions described in Point se 1 of this page are met. All other situations not included in Point 1 are situations in which a refund for purchases on this site is not possible.

In the event that an application for a refund for the purchase of software falls under the necessary conditions, after passing the verification of the operation and the situation by the manager, the application goes into processing. Sending a refund is carried out within 15 working days after being verified by the site manager. If there are delays caused by the client, this period may be increased.