A beginner's guide"

"A beginner's guide"


⁃ Purchase of goods

⁃ License activation after purchase

⁃ How the product is reproduced

⁃ How to install .set file

⁃ How to enable auto trading

⁃ How to calculate risks by trading advisors

⁃ How to reduce the drawdown of the advisor (trade with the trend, advertising our indicator)

How to buy a product:

To purchase a product, you need to register an account on the mql5.com website. Mql5.com is the official marketplace of MetaQuotes, that is, the company that developed the MetaTrader trading terminals. Account registration is available in two ways: firstly, you can register an account in the trading terminal, and secondly, you can do it on the website. As a rule, you see this site after the installation of the trading terminal is complete, since the installation ends with the completion of this site. You can implement two ways:

  1. Buying a program on the MQL5.com website (this method is described in detail below)
  2. Purchasing the program through the MetaTrader trading terminal. Copy the name of the product on the website and find it in the trading terminal.
  1. Buying a program on the MQL5.com website
  1. Find the product you like on the website https://aw-trading.com.
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  1. Then we go to the card of the selected product and select the required platform. After that, press the button "Buy at MQL5"

  1. For a quick search of my works use this link - https://www.mql5.com/en/users/nechaevrealle/seller
    1. This will take you to the page for that product. Read the product information. The left column provides information on prices, update dates and number of activations. You can "buy", "rent" and "download a demo version".

    The “demo” version differs from the full version of the product only in that it works only in the tester.

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  1. After payment, the product will appear in the navigator of your trading terminal, in the "Market" section.

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License activation after purchase:

There are two ways to download an advisor through the Market, the first is downloading through the site itself, the second is direct download through the trading terminal. If you bought a product, then its download is available in any way.


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  1. Open your trading terminal and register at the MQL5.community ..

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Registration will allow you to receive free product updates, as well as install the product on other computers.

  1. Registration must be done in your trading terminal

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How to launch an advisor

To run a trading advisor, you need the following -

⁃ Internet connection


⁃ Availability of a purchased license

⁃ Using adequate risk management

⁃ Availability of tested and optimized set file

⁃ It is necessary to allow the advisor to trade

How to install .set file

First you need to download the corresponding file

Screenshot of the transition from our site to microliters to the corresponding comment

Next, you need to launch the advisor and click on the Load button in the input settings window

Screenshot of the terminal, input settings window with a highlighted "Load" button

How to enable auto trading:

At the moment of connecting the advisor to the chart, you should check the settings of the trading terminal. In addition to the input settings of the advisor, there are also adjustments in the trading terminal itself; these settings can restrict the operation of a trading robot.

If the advisor does not open trades. Check the following:

 "Auto Trading" - Check that "Auto Trading" is enabled.


  1. At the top of your terminal's toolbar, the "Auto Trading" option is highlighted with a green icon if you enable "Auto Trading". If you have not enabled "Auto Trading" then this option will be highlighted in red.
  2. On the upper right side of your trading window, you see the name of the product that is launched, as well as an emoticon. If the smiley is sad, it means that "Auto Trading" is prohibited. If the Smiley is funny, it means that "Auto Trading" is allowed.
  3. For the convenience of users, in some of my products, when "Auto Trading" is disabled, the product panel is highlighted in red.

If "Auto Trading" is not allowed, then you will see it in your trading terminal, as shown in the image below.





If "Auto Trading" is enabled then you will also see it in your trading terminal as shown in the image below.  


 "Allow live trading" - so that the advisor can automatically perform trading operations on your account. You need to check the box "Allow live trading" in the "Common" tab when launching the advisor in the properties window.

The images below show examples of what the "Allow live trading" checkbox looks like on the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.