General Advisor Strategy Description  Advisor "AW Recovery EA" is used to restore losing positions on the trader's account. The  EA locks * a  losing position, and then opens  averaging *  orders. The losing position is virtually divided into small parts, each of which is closed separately. Using  partial closure *...



AW Recovery EA - designed to restore losing positions on your current symbol. AW Recovery is not a multicurrency Expert Advisor. To work with different tools, run AW Recovery in different windows on each of the required tools. AW Recovery works on any instrument (currencies, indices, oil, metals, stocks). How the advisor works...


AW Swing Trading EA Instructions and Description of the Expert Advisor

AW Swing Trading EA  - An advanced tool for swing trading on corrective price movements. It works on trend rollbacks in the direction of its continuation, the size of the required correction is determined by the current volatility of the instrument or manually by the trader. After detecting a correction along the current trend, the EA waits...


AW DAILY BREAKOUT EA Instruction and description

AW Daily Breakout  - Fully automated trading advisor,   trading on the breakout of the extremes of the previous day using pending orders. Each order has a fixed StopLoss. Places two pending orders in the opposite direction every day, then opens a market position. Accompanies market orders with Trailing...


AW BREAKOUT CATCHER EA Instructions and description to the advisor

AW Breakout Catcher EA  - an Expert Advisor that trades by indicator signals AW Breakout Catcher. The advisor works by strategy breakout of dynamic support and resistance levels. Orders have a fixed StopLoss and TakeProfit. Optionally, it can use averaging. Has the ability to work on a selected period of time and three types of notifications....


AW Trend Predictor manual and description

AW Trend Predictor  is a combination of trend and breakdown of levels in one system. The advanced indicator algorithm filters market noise, determines the trend, entry points, and also possible exit levels. Indicator signals are recorded in the statistical module, which allows you to select the most suitable tools, showing the effectiveness...


AW BREAKOUT CATCHER Instruction and description

AW Breakout Catcher  offers price level trades, advanced statistics, TakeProfit and StopLoss calculations. The advanced algorithm of the indicator determines the most successful entry points, the indicator signals are recorded in the statistical module, which allows you to select the most suitable instruments based on the effectiveness of the...


AW Night Scalper Instruction and description

AW Night Scalper    - Automatic night scalper with the additional option of using averaging or classic scalping. Features: The Expert Advisor trades at night during the Asian session. Determines the current volatility channel. The EA determines the current overbought or oversold market conditions. Has the ability...


AW Trend Predictor EA - Instruction and description

AW Trend Predictor EA  is an Expert Advisor based on signals from the AW Trend Predictor indicator. With the ability to open order baskets. Attention!  Indicator elements are visible only if the indicator is running. Since AW Trend Predictor EA is an Expert Advisor and not an indicator, the product does not display indicator lines....


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