AW Night Scalper EA

$295.00 AW Night Scalper EA, image 1

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Trading platformMetaTrader 4
Expert Advisor Type:
  • Grid
  • Scalping
  • Trend
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Current version:
Operating system:
Windows 7/8/10
18 November 2020
Trading platform:
MetaTrader 4
29 November 2020

Automatic night scalper with the additional option of using averaging or classic scalping. The EA trades during the quietest, nighttime hours during the Asian session. Determines the current volatility channel. When it finds the activity of price movement in this channel, the advisor opens a deal, determining the current overbought or oversold market. Has the ability to filter the opening of orders in accordance with the current trend direction. The proprietary indicator "AW Trend Predictor" is used as a trend filter. Trend filtering can be performed on a timeframe different from the one on which the EA is running. Always uses fixed   StopLoss .  

Volatility indicator   - This is a custom oscillator built into the EA for determining the market volatility.

Main signal indicator - The main custom oscillator for analyzing support and resistance levels. The indicator compares the magnitude of the rise and fall of the market, determining the current overbought or oversold market.


  • Size of the order - Volume of orders to open
  • Enable AutoLot size calculation   - Use automatic lot calculation
  • Volume of deposit for one "Size of the order" with AutoLot - The volume of the deposit, which will account for one " Size of the order"   when using autolot
  • Orders Magic number - MagicNumber of the EA orders
  • Comments of the EA's orders   - Commentary for advisor orders
  • Allow to open OP_BUY orders   - Allow the advisor to open orders of the OP_BUY type
  • Allow to open OP_SELL orders   - Allow   advisor open   orders of type OP_SELL
  • Allow to open new orders after close   - Allow new orders to be sent after all orders are closed
  • Virtual TakeProfit in points   - The size of the virtual TakeProfit in points. TakeProfit starts from the breakeven level of the order group
  • StopLoss in points (0 - not used)   - The size of the virtual StopLoss in points. StopLoss counting starts from the opening price of the most unprofitable order


  • Maximum slippage in points - Maximum allowable slippage in points
  • Maximum spread in points   - Maximum spread in points
  • Maximum size of orders - The maximum volume of one order in lots
  • Maximum number of orders   - Maximum number of open orders
  • Enable One_order_per_bar filter   - Enable restriction "for one bar - no more than one order"


  • Use grids   - Enable the ability to open order grids.
  • Multiplier for size of orders   - Multiplier for orders. Each subsequent order opened by the advisor in the order grid will be larger than the previous one by a given coefficient
  • S tep for grids   - The variable that regulates the step between orders is measured in points

NOTIFICATIONS SETTINGS - The Expert Advisor sends all kinds of notifications to the mobile terminal, email or work terminal.

WORKING TIME SETTINGS - setting work by time


  • Show panel of advisor   - Ability to show or hide the advisor panel
  • Font size in panel   - Adjust the font size on the panel

SIGNALS SETTINGS - "AW Trend Predictor" indicator settings

VOLATILITY SETTINGS - Settings for the custom indicator Volatility indicator

MAIN SIGNAL INDICATOR SETTINGS - Settings for the custom indicator Main signal indicator 

Free demo for MetaTrader4:       Download

Free demo for MetaTrader5:       Download

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