AW Prime Oscillator

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Trading platformMetaTrader 4
Indicator Type:
  • Multitimeframe
  • Oscillators
  • Trend
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Current version:
Operating system:
Windows 7/8/10
27 March 2021
Trading platform:
MetaTrader 4

A combination of two oscillators. The first one displays the entry points, the second shows the current trend . The indicator can display oscillator signals by arrows in two modes, all fast oscillator signals or signals only in the direction of the current trend. It has a multi-timeframe panel and three types of signal notifications.


  • Suitable for day and scalping trading
  • Trend filtering
  • Simple and sensitive setup
  • Multi-timeframe panel
  • Suitable for integration into an advisor.
  • Works on any symbols and any timeframes
  • Three types of notifications

Indicator strategy

The indicator consists of two different oscillators:

  • Slow trend line (thick) - when the High level of indicator crosses from top to bottom, it is an indicator of a downtrend, when the lower horizontal level ( Low level of indicator ) crosses from bottom to top, it is an indicator of an uptrend. In addition, finding a slow line in the lower zone indicates that the current trend is downtrend, and vice versa, finding a slow line above the upper level indicates that the current trend is ascending. This is how the indicator determines the current market trend.
  • Fast entry line (thin): identifies entry points at the intersection of the lower line from bottom to top, these are buy signals, when crossing the upper line from top to bottom, this is a sell signal. It is important to adjust the indicator lines in addition to the oscillator lines, as this affects the number and accuracy of signals.

The product uses different oscillators to display the slow and fast line, each must be adjusted separately.

For ease of operation, the indicator shows the direction of the trend in the multi-timeframe panel, and puts the entries on the chart in the form of arrows. We also added notifications for incoming signals and indicator.



  • High level of indicator   - adjustment of the upper horizontal line of the indicator
  • Middle level of indicator   - adjustment of the middle horizontal line
  • Low level of indicator   - level adjustment of the lower horizontal line
  • Signal strategy   - setting arrows when signals appear
    • Fast oscillation signal - arrows will appear at a signal of a fast oscillator, regardless of the current trend
    • Signal by current trend - arrows will be displayed at the signal of a fast indicator, taking into account the slow oscillator (current trend)


  • Fast oscillator period   - setting the period of the fast line, the longer the period, the slower the line
  • Fast oscillator smooth   - setting the smoothing of the oscillator line, the more smoothing, the smoother the line
  • Slow MA period   - setting the moving average, the longer the period, the more smoothed signals
  • Slow oscillator period   - adjustment of the period of the slow oscillator, the larger the period, the slower the line
  • Slow oscillator smooth   - adjusting the smoothing of the oscillator line, the more smoothing, the smoother the line


  • Send Push Notifications   - Use notifications about the appearance of new signals on the mobile version of the terminal
  • Send Email   - Use the sending of letters about the appearance of signals by e-mail
  • Send Pop Up Alerts   - Send alerts about new signals

GRAPHICS SETTINGS - graphics settings

  • Create Arrows   - show or hide arrows
  • Multitimeframe dashboard - in the panel display id, minimized or full
  • Font size in panel   - size of the text on the indicator panel
  • Y offset   - moving   panels along the Y axis
  • X offset - move the panel along the X axis
  • Fast line color   - color of the fast line of the oscillator
  • Slow line color   - color of the slow line of the oscillator
  • Up arrow color   - color of arrows at a buy signal
  • Down arrow color   - color of arrows for a sell signal
  • Uptrend color Panel   - color of the downtrend in the panel
  • Downtrend color Panel   - color of the uptrend in the panel
  • Uptrend text color   - the color of the text in the panel in an uptrend (for a minimized panel)
  • Downtrend text color - the color of the text in the panel during a downtrend (for a minimized panel)

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