AW Breakout Catcher

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Trading platformMetaTrader 4
Indicator Type:
  • Channels
  • Levels
  • Trend
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Current version:
Operating system:
Windows 7/8/10
2 December 2019
Trading platform:
MetaTrader 4
18 October 2020

Breakdowns of price levels, advanced statistics, TakeProfit calculation and 3 types of notifications.


  • Do not redraw your results,
  • Signal strictly at the close of the candle,
  • False Breakdown Filtering Algorithm,
  • It goes well with any trending strategy,
  • Works on all tools and timeseries.

How to trade with the indicator 

Trading with AW Breakout Catcher in just three easy steps:

Step 1   - Opening a position

  • A buy signal was received with a success rating of more than 70 percents

Step 2 - Determining StopLoss

  • Select trunk by opposite signal

Step 3 - Defining TakeProfit Strategy

  • Strategy 1: Close the entire position when reaching TP1
  • Strategy 2: Close 50% of the position upon reaching TP1 and the remaining 50% upon reaching TP2
  • Strategy 3: Close the entire position on the opposite signal

Statistics module 

For better pair selection, use the built-in statistics calculations.

  • Calculate trades - The total number of signals for which statistics are given.
  • Success rating - Percentage of signals reaching TP1, or when reversing those that were in positive profit.
  • TakeProfit1 Hit - Percentage of signals reaching TP1.
  • TakeProfit2 Hit - Percentage of signals reaching TP2.
  • ExitProfit - percentage of signals that did not reach TP1, but were in a positive profit with a new signal.
  • ExitLoss - percentage of signals that did not reach TP1, but were in negative profit when a new signal.

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