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Trading platformMetaTrader 4
Utility Type:
  • Order management
  • Risk management
  • Panels
Основные характеристики
Current version:
Operating system:
Windows 7/8/10
8 October 2020
Trading platform:
MetaTrader 4

AW Workpad is a multifunctional trading control panel designed for manual and semi-automatic trading. It allows you to manage pending orders, market positions, provides a wide range of statistical data, as well as a multi-period analysis of a group of classic indicators.

The utility is represented by five tabs: POSITIONS, PENDING, CLOSE, INDICATORS, INFO. Each tab has its own group of functions for processing orders or information about the current market situation.

Features or Benefits

  • The utility works on all timeframes and on any symbols (currencies, indices, oil, metals, stocks) .
  • All elements for each panel are additionally labeled, to see it just hover over any element.
  • The AW Workpad trading panel has flexible settings and an intuitive panel interface.
  • All the functions you need most in one product.

Trading panel tabs

  1. POSITIONS  - this tab allows you to work and maintain market orders.  
    • Opening Buy and Sell orders, as well as changing the volume of these orders.
    • Setting and changing StopLoss and TakeProfit values for the entire order network.
    • Changing StopLoss and TakeProfit values for individual positions on the chart.
    • Locking positions in one click, setting a breakeven for orders.
    • Trailing adjustment and changing the trailing step, reversal of all orders.
    • Closing Buy or Sell orders or closing all orders.
    • Information about balance, equity, free funds, drawdown, spread, etc.
  1. PENDING  - this tab is used to work with pending orders.
    • Placing and removing STOP and LIMIT orders in one click.
    • Change in position volumes, step between orders.
    • Changing the multiplier and the number of orders in the basket.
    • Removing and changing orders from the terminal chart.
    • Setting a common StopLoss and TakeProfit for order baskets.
  1. CLOSE - this is a multi-currency tab for working with closings based on total profit or loss.
    • Closing an order for the current symbol or for all symbols.
    • Closing individual orders or a basket of orders.
    • Stopping the utility in one click.
    • Trailing function for total profit.
    • Setting TP and SL in money, in points or as a percentage of the deposit.
    • Closing all BUY or SELL orders or closing all orders.  
  1. INDICATORS - this tab is for monitoring the market in one window.
  • This panel will allow you to see signals from 10 indicators on 8 time frames.
  • You can also see the percentage of Buy and Sell signals on all timeframes at the same time.
  • The panel contains 10 of the most popular standard indicators.
  1. INFO  - Information tab
  • All the information you need in one tab.
  • Balance data, equity, drawdown, free margin and profit.
  • Information about swaps and current spread.
  • Time until the next candle opens.
  • Data on the highest and lowest prices for the current symbol for the day.

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