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Trading platformMetaTrader 4
Indicator Type:
  • Channels
  • Levels
  • Trend
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Current version:
Operating system:
Windows 7/8/10
20 July 2021
Trading platform:
MetaTrader 4

AW Super Trend

AW Super Trend -This is one of the most popular classic trend indicators. It has a simple setting, allows you to work not only with the trend, but also displays the stop loss level, which is calculated by this indicator.


  • Instruments: Currency pairs, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies.
  • Timeframe: М15 and higher.
  • Trading time: Around the clock.
  • Shows the direction of the current trend.
  • Calculates the stop loss.
  • It can be used when working with trading.
  • Three types of notifications: push, email, alert.


1 The indicator displays the current trend direction in the corresponding color.

Blue color denotes an uptrend on the symbol used, on the current timeframe.

The red color of the line indicates a downtrend on the used timeframe on the selected symbol.

2 The indicator can be used to set StopLoss.

The indicator line is displayed not over the bars, but with some shift relative to the bars. This place where the trend line is displayed can be used by the trader to set Stop Loss.

When the trend changes, the indicator lines are repainted and displayed as a vertical line at the moment of the trend change. This display is due to the fact that the indicator can be used to mark a stop loss.

3 May filter signals on small timeframes with directions shown on higher timeframes.

How it works:

1)   That is, if you work on the M15 or M30 timeframe

2)   Run the indicator on a higher timeframe. H4 or D1.

3)   On the D1 timeframe there is an uptrend, which means that on the M30 working timeframe you should only buy in this trend.

In a downtrend on a higher timeframe, you should only use sells on the lower timeframe.


Input settings:

  • Period - Period based on the previous specified number of candles, from the lowest to the highest price level. On channel breakouts, we receive signals of a trend reversal.
  • Multiplier - Shift multiplier for ATR. That is, the distance to place the stop loss.
  • Bars number - The number of bars for calculating the indicator. If "0" - the indicator will be calculated on the current bar, if "1" - the indicator will be calculated on the previous bar, that is, at the close of the candle.


  • Send Push Notifications - Use notifications about the appearance of new signals to the mobile version of the trader's terminal
  • Send PopUp Alerts - Use pop-up notifications when new signals appear  
  • Send Email - Use sending letters about the appearance of signals to the trader's e-mail


  • Up Color Line - Color of the indicator line in an uptrend
  • Down Color Line - Color of the indicator line in a downtrend
  • Lines Wight - Adjusting the thickness of the indicator line

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