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Trading platformMetaTrader 4
Utility Type:
  • Order management
  • Risk management
  • Panels
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Current version:
Operating system:
Windows 7/8/10
13 February 2021
Trading platform:
MetaTrader 4
13 February 2021

This is a utility for closing orders or baskets of orders for the total profit or loss. Can work multicurrency, can work with orders opened manually. Has additional trailing profit.


  • Closing an order for the current symbol or for all symbols
  • Closing individual orders or whole baskets of orders
  • Stopping the utility in one click
  • Trailing function for total profit
  • Setting TP and SL in money, in points or as a percentage of the deposit
  • Closing all BUY or SELL orders or closing all orders

Trailing   - for profit, measured in the currency of the deposit. It works not by one order, but by baskets of orders
StopLoss, TakeProfit   - virtual and not physical, works for all order baskets. i.e. the profit of the entire basket is ...% then it will close

Panel Description:

  1. Using the "All symbol" or "(current symbol) only" checkboxes you can choose to work only on the current symbol or calculate the total profit or loss for all symbols
  2. By selecting the "Separate Buy / Sell" checkbox, you can choose to work with all Buy or Sell order baskets. By selecting the "Separate orders" checkbox then you can work with separate orders. When "Separate orders" is selected, the system will close positions individually for the selected variables for closing. If you work in the "Separate Buy / Sell" mode and in the "Select symbol" variable you have selected the "Use all symbols" parameter, you will be able to work simultaneously with all Buy and Sell orders of the direction for all working symbols
  3. The product has a button to stop the panel. By clicking on the "Click to Stop work" button you can stop any work processes of the program
  4. In the upper right corner there is a block for minimizing and revealing the panel.
  5. Below is a block of information about Buy Sell orders, you can watch the current volume of deals to close (according to the method you have chosen) in money, points or percent
  6. Opposite is the Trailing profit settings section
  7. StopLoss TakeProfit settings section
  8. Closing control unit. Buttons for closing orders of BYU, SELL or all types

LOSS ORDER SETTINGS - settings of a losing order to close

  • Symbol with losses   -   Selecting a symbol to search for a losing order:
    • All Symbols   - Mode of operation for all symbols on which there is a position opening
    • Current Symbol only   - Select the tool on which the panel is installed
  • Type for orders with loss - Allowed types of orders with loss that the utility will close, where:
    • Buy and Sell orders - Close BUY and SELL order types
    • Buy orders - close only BUY type of orders
    • Sell orders - Close only SELL type of orders
  • Magic for orders   - Process orders of the current magic number or work on all orders
    • All magic numbers   - Close any orders on all Magic Numbers
    • Current Magic only   - Close orders only on the current Magic Number
  • MagicNumbers for loss (if used)   - Field for entering a magic number. In order to close only manual orders, enter "0"
  • Ticket for loss (if needed)   - Manual selection of an order for recovery. Only one can be entered, when this order is closed, the system will continue to work with other orders in automatic mode
  • Min loss in% of balance   - Minimum order loss for restoration, in% of the balance
  • Min loss in points   - Minimum loss of the order to restore, in points
  • Max loss in money (0 = not used)   -   Maximum planting volume, in recovery money
  • Close few orders if possible   - Allow to close several orders to the tale, if possible

PROFIT ORDERS SETTINGS - settings of profitable positions, with the help of which the loss is closed

  • Max number for profitable order in basket   - The maximum number of orders in the basket of one direction to cover the loss
  • Additional profit in basket   - The minimum amount of profit in money from profitable positions after closing a loss
  • Symbol with profitable orders   - Selecting a symbol for processing orders:
    • All Symbols   - Mode of operation for all symbols on which there is a position opening
    • Current Symbol only   - Select the tool on which the panel is installed
  • Type for orders with profit   - Allowed types of orders for work, where
    • Buy and Sell orders - Ability to close BUY and SELL order types
    • Buy orders - Ability to close only BUY type of orders
    • Sell orders - Ability to close only SELL type of orders
  • Magics for profitable orders   - Work with orders of the current Magic Number   or for all orders
    • All Magic Numbers - Process all orders on all Magic Numbers
    • Current Magic only - Process orders only on the current Magic Number
  • MagicNumber for profitable orders (if used) - Field for entering a magic number. In order for the panel to process manual orders, enter "0"
  • Min profit of order in money - The minimum profit of one profitable order in money for closing
  • Min profit of order in points   -   Minimum profit of one profitable order   in points   to close
  • Show panel of advisor   - Show or hide the panel
  • Font size in panel   - Font size on the panel

Free demo for MetaTrader4:       Download

Free demo for MetaTrader5:       Download

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