AW Grids Maker

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Trading platformMetaTrader 4
Utility Type:
  • Order management
  • Risk management
  • Panels
Основные характеристики
Current version:
Operating system:
Windows 7/8/10
18 May 2020
Trading platform:
MetaTrader 4

AW Grids Maker is used to build grids from pending orders. The utility is universal, has flexible settings and an intuitive panel interface. The program builds networks from STOP and LIMIT orders with the necessary step, uses the position volume multiplier.


  • Uses pending orders of all types.
  • Simple and flexible setup.
  • Well-designed and multi-functional utility panel.
  • Thoughtful information module.

Features of work: 

  • Suitable for pyramid, classic averaging or martingale.
  • Automates the opening of the grid, tracking orders and their closure.
  • It can be an integral part of the trading system or an independent strategy.
  • Construction of networks of orders of all types with adjustable distance and the ratio of increasing the volume of the transaction.
  • Size of the first order - volume of the first order;
  • Order Magic number - the main identifier of the utility orders. It is used primarily for identifying orders;
  • Comments of the EA's orders - comment for orders opened by the utility;
  • Number of pending orders in grids - the number of orders of each type for the grid;
  • Maximum slippage in points - maximum allowable slippage in points for opening and closing orders;
  • Multiplier for size of orders - volume multiplier for pending orders, each subsequent open order in the order grid will be larger than the previous one by a given coefficient;
  • Step for grids - a variable that controls the step between orders in the grid, measured in points;
  • Size of Virtual TakeProfit (In Points) - take profit size in points. It is considered for the current group of orders from the breakeven price;
  • Font size in panels - font size on the panel.

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