AW Signal Lot Multiplier

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Trading platformMetaTrader 4
Utility Type:
  • Order management
  • Risk management
  • Analyzers
  • Panels
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Current version:
Operating system:
Windows 7/8/10
16 July 2020
Trading platform:
MetaTrader 4

AW Signal Lot Multiplier is a utility for duplicating orders on your terminal. The source can be selected any adviser, manual trading, a separate trading signal. It has wide functionality with simple setup, as well as high speed and reliability.

Important information:

This product is not a copier of transactions between the terminals of one computer and copies transactions within the same terminal, which is important for example for trading signals.

How to use the product: 

  • To copy advisor trades - When using some types of advisers, it may be necessary to open duplicate orders. These features can be automated with AW Signal Lot Multiplier .
  • To copy trading signals   - When working with the Signals service   often there is a need to change the volumes received, as well as open additional orders. Advisor   helps to automate these functions when accounting for additional copy closing handlers, such as trailing stop independent of the original order.


  • Quickly and securely copies transactions,
  • Duplicates or resizes the lot when copying,
  • Duplicates or changes take profit, stop loss,
  • Can use a trailing stop,
  • For one ticket to be copied, you can specify any number of copies.
  • Symbols filter for copy (if needed)   -   The choice of characters to copy, enter a comma-separated list, such as "GBPUSD, EURUSD". The default value is to work on all characters.
  • MagicNumbers filter for copy (if needed)    - The choice of MagicNumber to copy, fit in a comma, for example, "12345.54321". The default value is to work on all characters.
  • Number of copies for every original   - The number of copies for each order.
  • Copy only new orders - Copy only new orders without taking into account the existing ones at the time of launching the adviser
  • Copy StopLoss and TakeProfit   - copy   Stoploss   and TakeProfit   from the original order
  • Multiplier for copies -   Copy Volume Lot Multiplier
  • Order_Comment - Comment for advisor orders
  • MagicNumber for copies   - MagicNumber for advisor orders. Must be unique

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